Mon, Jun 11, 2012

: Paul

I really wanted to like this — I’m a fan of Simon Pegg’s work — but from the very beginning it seemed like a cheap rip-off of the alien on American Dad. That one is just barely tolerable on the TV show and I figured a movie version would be even worse.

It turned out the alien really isn’t so bad (he’s perfectly voiced by Seth Rogan), but the people around him are irredeemably vulgar. Let’s put it this way: the film’s biggest source of “humor” is swear words. Now that’s genius.


Actually, there are aspects of this I liked and it wasn’t as bad as I expected, but even the film’s high points aren’t very high. The plot’s very slight and linear (British sci-fi geeks help a rude alien get back to his spaceship), and the supporting characters are just plain idiotic (in a bad way).

Just watch the trailer and you’ll get about as much out of this as you do from the entire film.

Topic: [/movie]