June 16, 2000

I recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix 800 digital camera. It's far superior to my Coolpix 100 toy. This is a professional quality camera featuring excellent optics, expandability, and very high resolution. I went with the 800 because it's a good camera while not costing a fortune. The digital camera market changes so quickly I just didn't see the point on spending a $1000 on a camera that's going to be obsolete in six months. The 800 was the perfect compromise. I'm delighted by the quality. I suspect this camera's going to be useful to me for years to come, even if I eventually buy another.

I've prepared a gallery of some initial images I took right after I got the camera. The images are large, but worth it. These pictures are saved without alteration, exactly as when they came out of the camera. (The only exceptions are the three I rotated so they're not sideways for you.)

If you'd like to see the specs on the Nikon Coolpix 800, click on the product box below to enlarge it:

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