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Marc's Writing:

pen_icon pictureAll At Once: A Life in One Act (1995)

A one-act play I wrote and performed at Bethany College.

pen_icon pictureBeyond Tomorrow (1995)

I wrote this after reading Dostoyevsky's incredible Notes from Underground.

pen_icon pictureFirst Monkey (1989)

My Grandfather once told me to write a story about Africa. This was the result.

pen_icon pictureFun: an Essay (1990)

I grew up going to church simply because that's what the family did. I wrote this after realizing why.

pen_icon pictureGo Ahead and Laugh (1989)

A bizarre black comedy. Read the first sentence and I guarantee you'll read the rest.

pen_icon pictureA Day in the Night of Joy (1989)

This is a rather morbid tale about the existence of meaning, I mean, meaning of existence. Or something like that.

pen_icon pictureSpace Dust (1990)

This is a silly but fun 50's style sci-fi story.

pen_icon pictureSunday Drive (1989)

A sort of Walter Mity story from the viewpoint of a small boy.

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