Sat, Feb 19, 2011

: Unknown

This film has a gimmicky concept: after an accident while in Europe a guy’s wife no longer recognizes him and another man claims to be him. The injured man is bewildered: is he losing his mind? But he has no ID or way to prove he is who he claims while the impostor has a password, family photos, and more. It’s a little bit Bourne Identity and with Liam Neeson in the starring role, a lot of Taken. The beginning is poorly written, with weak dialog and nonsensical events. Often the dialog will telegraph the reaction (for instance, a character might ask a leading question that sets up the answer, something not done in real life when one doesn’t know the answer). But the mystery is compelling enough to keep our interest, though sluggish at first, and later when the action starts, it’s quite good. It’s inconsistent, however, as though it isn’t sure if it’s an action film or psychological thriller. The “twist” at the end is surprisingly good, though I wasn’t that impressed by how well it was handled. It comes across as forced, heavy-handed. In the end I was slightly disappointed thinking “This could have been really good,” but then I was also thinking, “This isn’t as bad as some might think.” It’s therefore not a great film, but it rises slightly above the paint-by-numbers routine you might be expecting for such derivative material. Fun.

Topic: [/movie]