Tue, Dec 14, 2010

: Tron

I wanted to rewatch this before the new one comes out on Friday and it confirmed what I thought I remembered: this is not a great movie. It’s slow, odd, doesn’t really go anywhere, and the story is so full of holes it makes no sense at all. Its reputation as a classic comes from its innovative concept (“man goes inside computer”) at the time of its release. I’m sure back when it first came out the special computer graphic effects and the concept were radical and that allowed people to overlook the flaws. But the story is hokey, and the science is a joke (the computer stuff was obviously written by people who didn’t understand computers at all). There are some positives: the computer graphics are passable, even today, and the video games they created — disc throwing and lightcycle — are really awesome game concepts. This is a fun movie to rewatch just for its historical aspects, but just don’t expect it to be a great film.

Topic: [/movie]