Wed, Jun 23, 2010

: Knight and Day

When I first saw the short trailers for this I thought it looked awful. The story made no sense and it looked incredibly lame, especially because of the big stars and budget. But then I saw the full trailer in a theatre where they explained the part about Tom Cruise’s character possibly being a rogue spy or mentally unstable. That sounded at least a little interesting and so I went to see it. I rather liked it. It’s not a hugely complicated movie, but it is fun, quick-paced, and not boring. The “plot” is basically Cruise running into Cameron Diaz in an airport, and eventually kidnapping her and taking her on all sorts of wild adventures as people try to kill them. She’s never sure if he’s sincere or lying through those perfect teeth of his. That aspect is quite delicious and fun and Cruise is perfectly cast. Cameron does her job really well, but she still felt out of place. I really liked her in places and at other times she seemed miscast. But that’s a niggling thing: most of the time the casting works great and the film’s a fun roller-coaster that doesn’t stop. The plot is gimmicky and doesn’t make much sense, but this isn’t an intellectual thing by any stretch. It’s a fun shoot-em-up and watch-the-pretty-people-fall-in-love film. By that yardstick, I had a great time.

Topic: [/movie]