Fri, May 07, 2010

: Iron Man 2

For the most part this is a by-the-numbers sequel, though there are a few character moments. The plot is somewhat convoluted: Mickey Rourke plays a Russian mad scientist whose father was ruined by Tony Stark’s father and he wants revenge so he forms his own Whiplash suit. He later joins up with Tony’s rival arms manufacturer to build evil robots to kill Ironman. Tony himself is typically sour and moody and outrageous, as he’s secretly dying (radiation from the suit is killing him). The film tries to eke drama from this but I found it dreary: we’re really expected to buy that Ironman would die? Please. The ending is typical action silliness, though not unpleasant. In fact, that’s how I’d describe he entire film. It’s eminently watchable, but not great. The only thing of real interest to me was Scarlet Johanson’s intriguing character, who was awesomely gorgeous and cool and seemed like a wonderful foil for Tony Stark. Every time she came on screen you didn’t know what was going to happen and I liked that. Unfortunately, she’s only in a handful of too-brief scenes. (There are rumors she’ll get her own spin-off movie and I’d love that.) Worth seeing if you’re a fan, but this isn’t going to bring new people to the franchise.

Topic: [/movie]