Fri, Apr 02, 2010

: Clash of the Titans

First let me advise you to avoid the 3D version of this film. The 3D effect is so subtle as to not be noticeable. In fact, several times during the film I looked at the screen without my glasses and I couldn’t see much difference except that it was brighter without the glasses. Basically, it’s not worth even 50 cents more, let alone several dollars for 3D.

As for the movie itself, it was about what I expected: myth and action, with a slight story. The biggest problem I had was that the action scenes go so fast you can’t see anything or figure out what’s happening. I found them to be boring. The special effects in this film are impressive and the only reason to see it. The story’s about conflict between mankind and the gods and I found it troubling that somehow we’re supposed to see the arrogant humans who challenge their gods as the heroes. What’s heroic about insulting your gods? Is that a good thing to do? Basically the humans slap the gods and then are puzzled and terrified when the gods attack back, yet our demigod hero comes to save the day and he’s going to rescue the humans from getting what they should get for poking a hornets’ nest. I don’t get much of that. But that isn’t to see that film isn’t interesting. The scenery and effects are worth seeing, and there are a few good moments. Mostly the film comes across as somewhat pretentious, as though every dramatic scene is world-shaking. The bottom line: it’s just an average film with an average plot and some neat visuals. If that interests you, go for it!

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