Fri, Jan 22, 2010

: Legion

I did not expect this to be good, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. The premise of angels as the antagonists had me intrigued, but I expected at least a token bit of theology to explain it. Instead I got nothing: this could just has easily have been zombies, monsters, or alien creatures destroying humankind. There was the faintest hint of moral conflict in the final confrontation between archangels Gabriel and Michael, but it was so lamely done it meant nothing. All the film has going for it is some routine action and one dramatic (and fun) scene of a nice old lady suddenly turning vicious. That scene is in the trailer and is by far the best — and only — thing in the entire film worth watching. The plot itself was non-existent as nothing made any sense at all: it’s basically a small group of humans and one angel holed up in a diner fighting off humans possessed by angels with the angels wanting to kill the pregnant girl’s baby which is somehow supposed to save mankind. Come on: if God wants a baby dead, it’s dead. That a million angels can’t do it is absurd. The purpose of the baby is never explained, nor is why God is so angry with humanity. Pretty much nothing is explained. A handful of the characters are mildly interesting (most are so annoying you’re rooting for them to be killed off), but it’s not like we care about anyone here. Just terrible.

Topic: [/movie]