Wed, Jun 20, 2007

: New York Minute

I was surprised that I didn’t hate this. It felt silly and contrived from the previews, but it actually isn’t that bad. The problem is that it was marketed (or perceived) as the Olsen Twins First Feature Film, which takes away from the actual story and movie. That said, this isn’t exactly strain-your-brain material. The plot’s wispy thin. Basically you’ve got twin sisters who are opposites who annoy each other. The neat freak’s set to give a speech that will earn her a scholarship to Oxford while the other wants to skip school to play in her band. Through a lot of silly slapstick scenes and ridiculous side plots about a piracy ring and a moron truant officer out to track the slacker, the two end up getting stranded in New York city, have wild adventures, and meet their new boyfriends. But the Olsen twins do have charisma and it shows, faintly, through the dim-bulb plot. In the end the film’s as harmless as it is mindless. Kinda fun if you’re in the right mood (which I was).

Topic: [/movie]