Thu, Oct 19, 2006

: Hard Candy

Wow, what a FANTASTIC film. I realize that the subject matter might turn many people off, so this could be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of film, but I thought it was incredible. The story’s incredibly simple: a fourteen-year-old girl meets a 32-year-old guy online, meets him in person, and goes home with him. Then the tables turn as we discover the prey is the guy and she’s the hunter, out to make him pay for his perversion. That’s the gimmick, of course, and most films would just stop there, but this film was created by smart people: the script is written by a playwright, important for a film that almost entirely takes place in a house with just the two primary characters. Every line of dialogue is brilliant and subtle, charged with extra meaning, and the actors in this are incredible: Ellen Page as the girl and Patrick Wilson as the guy both deserve Oscar nominations. The girl is an incredibly intelligent teen and Page plays her with just the right amount of strength and volunerability, confidence and nervous fear, a fascinating mixture that makes her astonishing and fascinating to watch. Wilson doesn’t play his villain as purely evil but as ordinary human, and many times during the film you’re sympathizing with him, as horrifying as that seems later. Both characters are confronted with their demons and forced to see themselves for who they truly are and it’s not always pretty. This film will make you think and think again, and you’ll come away thinking and wondering. The film asks many questions and while it has a satisfying conclusion, it doesn’t wrap up every detail and leaves you plenty of meat to gnaw on later. Wonderful!

Topic: [/movie]