Thu, Jan 20, 2005

: Solution for Grandpa

A brilliant idea to the Grandpa dilemma: he will move in with me! The logic makes total sense: I work from home, so I’m almost always here. Unlike my mother, I can physically assist him if he needs help. I’m in a good location, near a hospital, near the Portland metro area, near relatives and friends. My house is one level and except for one step at the main entrance, wheelchair accessible with an open floorplan. Of course there will be changes to my lifestyle: Grandpa expects meals at regular times (so no more afternoon breakfasts for me); he won’t like my TV programs; it’ll be difficult to leave him alone for too long, so I won’t be able to go away without arranging for a substitute sitter. But overall, I like the idea. Grandpa and I get alone well, he told me he’d like to be here over being in a care facility, and he sleeps most of the time, so I don’t think he’ll be that much of a burden. Besides, he raised me half my childhood, so this is payback, right?

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