Wed, May 26, 2004

: Uptown Girls

I’d been wanting to see this movie since I saw the filming of a scene when I was in

It turns out the scene I witnessed filming is an important one: it’s at the school where Molly picks up Ray after school, when they first meet! That’s cool because I was worried the scene might be too brief to notice in the film, but it’s key. I still can’t believe how many trailers and people they had on hand to film that one scene. Compared to some movies I suppose it really wasn’t that many, but there had to be at least 100 people and several long tables of food. The trailers took up several blocks of 5th Avenue. I think the same location was used for two different scenes in the film, so maybe they were filming much of the day (though I didn’t see them later when I passed back by). It was kind of interesting seeing the scene being filmed and then seeing it in the final movie, though. I’ve never done that before. There was one still photo on the DVD extras (in the “video stills” section) which had a behind-the-scenes shot with the street I stood and watch from in the background. That was neat: you could see a few bystanders hanging around, though I was not one of them. I only hung around for ten or fifteen minutes. It was a lot of hurry-up-and-wait and boring to watch. If I’d been more aggressive, I perhaps could have learned a bit more about the movie industry. I remember thinking that there appeared to be minimal security. I stood right next to a cooler of water bottles on ice and was tempted to help myself (it was a hot day). There were a lot of staff hanging around doing nothing — I’m sure I could have chatted them up and learned some interesting trivia. They were probably “important” people like a script supervisor or something (I was trying to guess the titles of the various people I could see). Anyway, I didn’t because I was too shy, which was really dumb. Oh well. Maybe it’ll happen again some day and I can get my big break in film.

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