Sun, May 20, 2001

: Bundesliga: Bayern Munich at Hamburg

Strange game: all the goals came in injury time at the end of the game. Ninety minutes of nothing, and then bam! Goals. The title race came down to this game: if Bayern lost and Schalke won, Schalke would have the title. The games were played simultaneously, and when Schalke won and saw that Bayern were losing, they thought they’d won. Bayern had gone down to a late goal from Barbarez. With only seconds left, it seemed like Munich was done for. But a free kick was awarded outside the box: surely they couldn’t score on the last play of the game, could they? Unbelievable, they could. The Swede, Patrick Andersson, took the kick. Somehow it made its way through about twenty players and into the goal. That tied the game and gave Bayern the German Championship for the third year in a row. Ridiculous, but the ball doesn’t lie. Even stranger, that was Andersson’s first goal of the year! Final: 1-1.

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: Shrek

Terrific film! Wonderful performances, great writing, amazing animation. Has stuff for the whole family. At a few points it’s a little “adult,” but kids won’t get those jokes anyway (at least we hope). I especially liked the way the film incorporated hip modern elements with traditional fairy tale elements. It was also cool the way it mocked Disney stuff (this picture’s made by Dreamworks). But the core of the film — the story — was excellent. Well worth seeing.

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