Nearly Finished

I've been working like mad on the book and my nuTracker software and I am pleased to report that I've made tremendous progress. In the past few weeks I've added several significant appendixes to the book and they really help fill in a few holes. The information is more technical and not everyone will be interested in it, which is why I put the info into appendixes, but I was feeling like something was missing, that the book felt too "light" and these additions help provide more technical details for those interested.

We're nearly there! I've actually finalized a lot of the details and the book right now is in the proof-reader's hands.

Next up is getting the pre-order system in place, which I hope to do shortly. My plan is to have the Pre-Order Special for several weeks and be able to ship the first books in March. I have a conference to attend in Texas in mid-March so I've got to get them shipped before that!