Sun, Jun 10, 2007

: Hustle and Flow

Really interesting and unusual film. It takes assumptions you have and turns them on their ear. We’ve got a dispicable character, a pimp and drug dealer, who’s suddenly reached mid-life and realized his life has not turned out the way he dreamed. As a kid he wanted to be a rapper but that never happened. When he hears a former neighborhood kid who’s now a big rap star is returning for a visit, he decides to create a record and get the guy to listen to it and help him with his big break. What follows is a series of struggles to write songs, figure out his style, come up with money, and record them. In the middle of all this we see a close-up of this guy’s tragic life and the life of his whores. I’m not a fan of rap but the way the music was done in this film I could appreciate it and see the genius in it. The ending is wild — realistic but unusual, and just a perfect way to wrap up this unique experience. Not always a pleasant film, but certainly one you’ll remember and learn from. Recommended.

Topic: [/movie]